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Death & Cain | a valduggery fanmix {Listen}
"I suppose you do share my penchant for raising Cain."
"Raising what now?"
"It’s an old expression. It means ‘to make trouble’."

come wander with me - agua de annique | fallin’ - connie francis | nail in my coffin - the kills | river styx - black rebel motorcycle club | keep the car running - arcade fire | no adventure - spector | thick as thieves - kasabian | ghosts - the head and the heart | broken mirror - travis | his grinning skull - wild beasts | unfinished business - white lies | wait for me - sean lennon | the consequences of not sleeping - little green cars | your protector - fleet foxes | cold - aqualung & lucy schwartz | together - the xx | last train - travis | ghosts - laura marling | demons - dry the river | drive home - steve wilson

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