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Bowie(ism) A David Bowie fanmix (LISTEN)
*first graphic is not mine except for added text, and exists in The Next Day album*
A wide array of artists/bands covering and/or collaborating with the Thin White Duke himself. From remixes to duets, Bowie shows just how flexible he can be in terms of changing styles. Even if you’re not a fan, you cannot deny the sheer brilliance of these songs.

nature boy (david bowie cover) - eden ahbez | sound and vision (beck cover) - david bowie | reflektor (ft. david bowie) - arcade fire | heroes (philip glass cover) - david bowie | the cynic (ft. david bowie) - kashmir | five years (ft. arcade fire) - david bowie | falling down (ft. david bowie) - scarlett johannson | sound and vision (sanjay prabhakar remix) - david bowie | fannin’ street (ft. david bowie - scarlett johannson | province (ft. david bowie) - tv on the radio | bring me the disco king (lohner remix) - david bowie | wake up (ft. david bowie) - arcade fire | space oddity (london symphony orchestra) - david bowie | love is lost (hello steve reich remix) - david bowie

EDIT: Deleted the cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart cover because it was confirmed to be fake.

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